Monday, December 20, 2010

You need to unplug your web server

You've all seen this: you're browsing the web, reading an article, when suddenly the page dims and THIS pops up:

Any time I'm on a site that does this, I immediately close the page. I don't care how interesting the article is. Even if it's lifesaving advice that I need to read or I will die RIGHT NOW, I close the page as soon as that pops up. It's intrusive (or obtrusive?), and it's terrible site design.

If your website does this, you need to unplug your web server from the internets immediately.


Iman said...

Intense. How would you like to see this information brought to the user's attention?

I can see using the same cookie data that identifies a first-time visitor being used to place a nice/looking banner at the top of the first article one views, to get one's attention (not flashing or anything, just contrasting in color/design enough to grab attention -- like Wikipedia's current fundraising banner, for example), that one can easily read past or click on if interested. What would you do?

Anonymous said...

LOL - study marketing, in particular internet marketing, and you will find that such lightbox pop-ups increase subscription rates by 300% or more.

I'm not saying I don't hate them too, but they work - so they're not going away.

(DPS is an awesome site, by the way, you really should subscribe to all their free cool stuff!)

Iman said...

nov8r: That's actually really interesting -- I'm guessing that like email spam, it's success numbers are higher than one would think.

Matthew Harrison said...

They're probably only subscribing to get rid of that annoying box.