Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tag Literacy

Recently, I decided to make solving the problem of searching for images on the web my goal for the near future. It can be very difficult to find relevant search results because images are tagged either too broadly by humans ("woman", "purple", "car", "person"), or software is returning images based on the content of the surrounding text, which isn't always relevant (a big issue in Google Image Search).

I'll be writing a lot more about this issue on this blog, but today I bring you an interested read I just found. Ulises Mejias, an assistant professor at SUNY Oswego, wrote an article on his blog called "Tag Literacy" way back in 2005. He talks about distributed classification systems (DCSs), what makes a good tag, and the social value of tags. He touched upon a lot of the issues with tags and how we use them, and I definitely learned a lot from his post.

Definitely check it out at